uPVC vs Timber Decking

At UKSundecks, we like to think we are forward thinking in not only our products, but the service we give. There are many options in the decking industry, but we insist on what we think is the smart choice guided by our wealth of experience and knowledge in the field.

The traditional method of decking is to use timber and similar materials. This may be an okay solution for short term but for prolonged use through changing weather, it may not be quite as smart as you think. Not only does timber need regular staining to stop discoloration, but exposure to rain or damp over a period of time will cause the structure to rot, warp & even rupture – potentially making it a hazard, as well as being a drain on your money by having to get it fixed or replaced.

We under no circumstance forget about the structural integrity of our decking projects, that comes first and foremost. Our decking is made up of uPVC rather than timber and comes with a premium quality galvanised steel sub-frame as standard, which sits under the decking to provide you with a lasting structure for your decking.

We choose to use uPVC decking because the decking boards have a class 1 fire certification, are anti-slip, low maintenance with no painting or staining required, extremely durable through harsh weather conditions and available in multiple colours such as Cream, Beige, Dark Brown and Grey. Not only this but we are so confident in the longevity of our decking, we offer a 10 year guarantee as standard, making uPVC decking better for your home, lodge or static caravan. Fact.

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