Choose Your Decking

When it comes to choosing your decking, it couldn’t be easier! Below you will find a selection of the standard designs we produce on a regular basis to give you an idea of the space and shape you may want.

We have a large range of standard decking solutions to suit every make and model of park home, lodge and caravan holiday home, but you may prefer a deck designed and tailored to you. Our design team are here to discuss your requirements and advise the options available.

Garden and commercial decks require more consideration and site surveys are recommended. 

The three main types of deck are:

Front Deck
A front deck is used to provide a private sun terrace or an area to eat and relax with access directly from your home.

Stepped-access Platform
Steps and an access platform provide a safe and stylish access to any home, caravan or lodge.

Wrap-around Decking
A wrap-around deck combines both access and additional relaxation space. Typical decking has steps running alongside the home to allow access to the front door or walkway to the rear deck.


The UK Sundecks difference

Established industry specialists

Established industry specialists

With extensive experience in quality deck installation

No sub-contractors

No sub-contractors

Our installers are employed directly by us so we can maintain our rigid quality control standards

Honest and Dependable

Honest and Dependable

Known for excellent customer service and a reputation for professionalism and quality

Competitive Rates

Competitive Rates

Affordable and competitive pricing

10-Year Structural Warranty

10-Year Structural Warranty

Our decks all come with 6’ galvanised steel sub frame as standard, providing a sturdy structure that’s built to last


How long will it take to install my deck?

Dependant on size, your deck installation should take around 2/3 days.

What should I use to clean my deck?

Warm water and soap with a soft brush or cloth is the recommended method for cleaning your deck.

Will my deck fade?

The deck board we use has anti-fade properties however, as with any surface in the sun, the colour will lighten slightly over time.

Can I add a gate after my initial install?

Yes, a gate can usually be added after the initial installation depending on the placement of posts.

Is there anything I should avoid placing on my deck?

Avoid any rubber backed matts / items as these will degrade the colour of the deck over time.